ACEEE Hot Water Forum

SkyCentrics DREAM Platform (Demand Response, Energy & Asset Management)

will be presenting at ACEEE Hot Water Forum, Feb 26-28, 2017

Lower Your Building's TCO in Real Time

SkyCentrics' Wi-Fi thermostats, load controllers, and sensors increase your comfort, lower your energy costs and do so much more.

  • Remote Monitoring and Control from smartphone and web apps
  • Fault Detection for Roof Top Units and other high value assests
  • Continuous Commissioning with our wireless, high data rate sensors
  • Demand Response (OADR or SSL) to take advantage of lower utility rate plans

For Owners and Operators

Use our wireless controls and sensors to reduce your costs of ownership. ...More»

For Peak Shaving Providers

Use our wireless controls to shed loads and lower demand charges. ...More»

For Manufacturers and Utilities

Use our Demand Response controls to Smart Grid enable your products....More»

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