Empowering Connected,
Conscious Buildings

SkyCentrics is the leader in the CTA-2045 EcoPort, OpenADR, and
Volttron for real time, open standard, IoT smart building solutions
and Distributed Energy Resource Management (DERMS)

Now providing OEMs CTA-2045 EcoPort 'kits' and/or OpenADR functionality

The Leader in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Optimize:
energy efficiency, asset management, operational performance,
peak demand, on-time comfort, air quality and demand response

For Buildings

Scalable platform1 for real-time control - a single device or millions across a global property portfolio

Modular sensor and control ecosystem with leading manufacturer partners

Easy integration of data from existing systems, utility pricing, weather and more

Machine learning analytics for predictive maintenance, continuous commissioning, and alerts

For Utilities

Scalable platform to control millions of devices in real-time using our DERMS or OpenADR

Seamless integration of devices from multiple manufacturers - CTA-2045 EcoPort or cloud APIs

Analytics for real-time Measurement & Verification and Demand Response planning

Customer voice, mobile and web apps give control over energy efficiency and increase engagement

Control: Millions of devices, one platform


Scalable to millions of devices of multiple types

Single set of apps for building owners, utilities, and consumers


Integrates data feeds and controls from third party hardware and platforms through Rest API, OpenADR, Volttron, and CTA-2045 EcoPort


Intuitive calendar format with simple setup and switching

Flexible one-off or repeating 24/7 schedules

Automatically updates for group changes

Demand Response schedules stored up to 30 days in advance

CTA-2045 EcoPort Demand Response DERMS Scheduler
CTA-2045 EcoPort

Management Portal

Real-time monitoring and control

Infinite customizable filtering and grouping of devices

Customizable alerts

Multi-tiered permissions for simple operation and robust security

Mobile Apps

Real-time control and one-touch scheduling for multiple devices

Flexible graphing of energy consumption

Demand response notifications and alerts

Alexa voice control*

* Requires device-specific skill

Optimize: improve efficiency and comfort with machine learning


Customizable dashboards and drag & drop charts

Flexible Machine Learning algorithms generate forecasts and real-time alerts

Easy integration of multiple internal and external data streams


API connection to third party apps

Easy data export functions

Customizable Dashboards

Stock-market style drag & drop graphing

Combine inputs for real-time analytics

Customizable alerts

Data Integration

Weather forecasts

Solar and battery storage

Smart meters

Utility time-of-use and demand charge pricing

Legacy BMS systems

Smart Meter IoT Building Analytics

Buildings Need Tune Ups!

80,000 sq. ft multi-tenant office building

Easy to get (from PG&E) historical electricity meter data since 2015

Track real-time usage and historical patterns

Predict 24 hour ahead performance and track against the prediction in real time

Manual and automated alerts

Machine Learning

Energy usage prediction and automated alerts

Fault detection and asset health monitoring for predictive maintenance

Real-time measurement of schedule changes, asset investment and behavior changes

Compare buildings across portfolios

Demand Response

Quantify energy use and storage capacity* in real time or chart trends with customizable dashboards

Predict Demand Response event outcome using similar weather days and participation patterns

Set overlapping schedules to manage ramp up and snapback

Real-time Measurement & Verification and immediate post-event analysis

*water heaters and water heater switches only

Measure: modular sensor and control platform


Modular: the tools you need, not the ones you don’t

Simple to install, set up, and connect – no integration required

Multiple communications options


CTA-2045 EcoPort open standard and REST API connect appliances and devices from leading manufacturers including:

Water heaters, HVAC, thermostats, pool pumps, and EV chargers

Wireless & Wired Sensors

“Peel & Stick” Bluetooth®2 environment sensor

Customizable wired sensor package: air quality, light, water leak, sound and more

Coming soon: infinite life environmental sensor

Learn more…

SkySnap Sensor & Control Gateway with OpenADR

Flexible platform connects dozens of wired and wireless sensors and controls: I2C, RS-485, 4-20mA, 333mV CT

One-step installation into standard electrical socket

Wi-Fi, cellular, ethernet, Bluetooth, Lora* communications with OpenADR access

Learn more…

* Coming soon

Appliance Controllers

CTA-2045 EcoPort open standard modules (DC & AC) connect to appliances from leading manufacturers

Built for utility Demand Response

Up to 30 day schedule stored on device

Wi-Fi, cellular, AMI* and Lora* communications

Third party devices connected via REST API

Learn more…

* Coming soon

SkySnap Sensor & Control Gateway

Flexible platform connects dozens of wired and wireless sensors and controls

One-step installation into standard electrical socket with optional security screw

Flexible communications: Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cellular, Bluetooth, LoRA - OpenADR capable

SkySnap 100

Wireless connections: up to 8 Bluetooth SkySense sensors

4 USB (2 internal, 2 external)

Wi-Fi, cellular, LoRA or ethernet connectivity

<5 second data resolution

Can be local controller for SkyCentrics CTA-2045 EcoPort devices

SkySnap 200

All the features of the SkySnap 100 plus:

Connect up to 12 wired sensors for air quality, light, water leak, sound and more (see Sensors)

Wired connections: I2C, 1-Wire, RS-485, PWM, GPIO

Sub-metering: 7-current transformers with power factor (1% accuracy)

2 relays (24V, 2A)

2 dimmers (0 - 10V)

CTA-2045 Appliance Controllers

Open standard connects to appliances from leading manufacturers (learn more about CTA-2045 EcoPort)

<10 second data resolution

REST API connects to third party smart thermostats with more devices to come

Built for utility Demand Response and building owner control

Repeating 24/7 schedule stored on device

Powered by the appliance

CTA-2045 EcoPort AC Module

Wi-Fi, OADR, Cellular*, Lora* communications options

Simple screw in installation

UL 916 certified

Control devices including:

Heat pump water heaters
Electric resistance water heaters
PTAC air conditioners
Pool pumps

Contact us for a list of compatible devices

*in development

CTA-2045 EcoPort DC Module

Wi-Fi, OADR, Cellular*, Lora* communication options

Drop-in installation

Control devices including:

Mini-split AC
Water heater switch
EV charger

Contact us for a list of compatible devices

*in development

Wireless & Wired Sensors

Flexible package that auto-configure to SkySnap for seamless integration

Peel & Stick Bluetooth®2 Sensor

Temperature, humidity and pressure

Door open/close

Button push for immediate notification

1 minute data resolution

1 year life replaceable Li-ion battery

Connect up to 8 to one SkySnap

Modular Wired and Wireless Sensor Package

Air Quality: CO, CO2, Ammonia, VOC, methane, butane, propane, smoke, PAH, alcohol, benzene, ozone, NOx, chlorine, (PPM and PAH coming soon)

Light: Luminance (Lux), color (Kelvin), object heat (IR)

Water leak, 1-wire temperature sensors, microphone

Gas and water meters

Unlimited Life LoRa Indoor Sensors*

Temperature, humidity, light level

Harvests indoor light with battery backup

LoRa wireless penetrates walls up to half a mile!

50 sensors per SkySnap 400 receiver gateway

Low cost, lightweight, peel and stick

* Coming soon